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!!Attention Dads!!


From one dad to another, allow me to assist you... I know there's nothing more special to mum than those magical moments together, but there are in fact two equally special moments...

1️⃣ When she's made to feel appreciated

2️⃣ Getting time to look after her own needs

The second one is particularly important for us to know because it's the one thing that they tend to sacrifice so much of!

This year, I urge you to do something a little different to show mum that you all really appreciate what she does...

Give her some time back to take care of herself.

What better way to get some time to look after herself while mingling with others and regaining the confidence in her own body?!

What's more you don't have to go shopping - a simple phone call or email to us and we can arrange everything for you...

We have gift vouchers available for;

💝4-Week Beginner to Winner Programme 💝Personal Training 💝Group Training Membership

For more information please click the link below;


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!

T: 01477 412770 E:

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