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September is nearly over!

Motivational Quote

So, we are over half way through September already. The children are settling into there new classes at school. But the big question is are you settling back into your fitness routine after the summer holidays?

It’s always tough trying to find motivation to re-start your healthier lifestyle again; especially after you’ve enjoyed 6 weeks of sunshine, holidays, family time, and over indulging on treats.

If you haven’t already - this is your gentle reminder to get yourself back into JWC and begin training again, it’s time to begin achieving your results, so your beach body ready for next summer - because after all summer bodies are made in the winter!

Utilise your membership with us here at JWC to the best you can. Below are a range of services we offer to help you kick-start your fitness journey:

  • Goal Setting Appointments - An opportunity to sit down with a JWC Coach to discuss your main lifestyle goals, and we will help you create a plan on how we can reach them together.

  • Body Tracking Appointments - have your measurements and photos taken to see where you are up to and evaluate your progress. Remember your membership allows you to re-do these measurements every 4-weeks!

  • Nutritional Advice and Guidance - book an appointment with one of the trainers at JWC to discuss your nutrition. Here we will advise you on the number of calories and macro-nutrients your body needs daily to function optimally and progress towards your goals.

It’s time to prioritise your fitness journey and find yourself an effective routine to achieve your fitness goals. You will always find a reason not to start, find your reason to start, right now, today!

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