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Get ready to party....

3 days to go and it's time to PARTY!

Christmas Party

As we speak, Santa and his elves will rushing around making final preparations for the big day! Much like Santa on Christmas Eve, It's likely you'll be tucking in to a few alcoholic beverages to get you through the Christmas period.

WAIT.... Don't run away! It's OK, hell, I'll be joining you for a few!

All that I would say, similar to the nutrition we discussed on Wednesday (if you missed that one, skip back now) make a decision as to what impact that you're willing to allow the Christmas festivities to have on your progress, and then own that decision!

Once it's made, you're no longer allowed to beat yourself up about it!

It is, however, worth thinking about what drink choices you make, in order to limit the damage you do!

Have fun and party on! See you on the other side!

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