Steps to Success - Week One

Steps to Success Week 1 Graphic.png

Once again, we have used the Lockdown Challenge group to support people and once again the engagement and community support within the group has been incredible to see - not just from our coaches but the members alike.

We have created weekly challenges, just like in Lockdown 2.0, but this time with a bit of a difference. We found last time that with every new weekly challenge, the previous weeks challenge slipped - this time we want to treat each week as an accumulation - each challenge building on the last to make a solid lifestyle structure, or steps to success.

With such a shift in so many people's lifestyle; working from home and home-schooling we're aware that people are struggling with lunchtime meals. This week's challenge is simply to plan, shop for and stick to a 5-day lunch time meal plan, focused on the principles of nutrition. Click on the planner icon to download your planner and begin the first step to success.